Podcast and Blog and Video Updates!

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Hey readers!

I haven’t posted here lately but I will be posting at least daily here as part of my New Years resolution.  To start off, I figured I would give an update on what is going on with my podcasts and blogs to be followed by a post that will announce something big for this blog.

Lets start with podcasts.  Geek News Daily was going to start back this week but thanks to the post CES lack of news, there hasn’t really been enough to do a show, so that will start back on Monday unless I have the time to do one today or tomorrow.  The more I do this podcast, the more I enjoy it, but I don’t get the opportunity to record like I would like, but I will be making more time for it starting next week.

Now for the big podcast news!  For those that haven’t noticed, Global Geek News returned a couple of weeks ago!  So far, we have done two episodes.  For those wondering who I am talking about when I say ‘we’, I have a new co-host, Wesley Faulkner.  We seem to have great chemistry and I think the show has become dramatically better with the change.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get a show out last week as he was at CES representing AMD and I was supposed to fly to Salt Lake City but got sick.  We will have a new show this weekend.  We are recording a new show on Saturday morning with special guest Walt Ribeiro.  Unless conditions force us to do otherwise, we expect to record on Saturday mornings and then I will have the show up on either Saturday or Sunday.  If you have been waiting for its return, it is back so make sure to check it out!  Also, if you weren’t a huge fan of the show before, give it a listen again as it has changed a lot and I believe for the better!

Now for some blog news.  Like I said, posting will resume on this blog with this post and will be daily if not more than once a day.  I have decided to make this blog about anything cool that I come across online or anything that is running through my mind that doesn’t fit on the Global Geek News Blog.

Speaking of the Global Geek News Blog, it has been doing well despite the fact that I didn’t really post the last half of December.  Since the start of the year, I have been posting on it daily.  The Global Geek News Blog is where I put my heart and soul into posts about various technology issues.   Sometimes, posts are even longer than any paper I ever wrote in school, so you know you are getting all of my thoughts about an issue when you read a blog post.  About half of my traffic dropped off after I stopped posting in December, so I am trying to get those numbers back up.  This is the blog I enjoy writing most because it is often about things I am most passionate about.  Also, I will begin doing video there!

Speaking of video, I have said I am going to do it for a long time but it has never happened.  Starting Monday, I will be doing the occasional video posts here and will likely do short, daily videos on Global Geek News as well.  I plan on contacting Animoto to do some sort of partnership as they were interested in doing something when I spoke to them back in August.  I would be using what I can get from them to do the intro and outro of the videos.

Also, I would like to say that I am looking for sponsors for all of my blogs and podcasts.  If you or your company would like to sponsor Global Geek News, the Global Geek News Blog, Geek News Daily, or Pcnerd37.com,  I would love for you to contact me at pcnerd37@globalgeeknews.com

That is about all I can think of for updates right now, but I will post updates here when I have them as I want this site to become more of a hub for everything me.  Speaking of which, I am going to be working on a page or something that lists the RSS feeds and new items of all of my blogs and podcasts so you can easily subscribe to the feeds and find out what I am up to.  Until then, you can easily follow almost everything me on my FriendFeed.

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-Jeremy “pcnerd37” Bray