SyFy pushes back Battlestar Galactica’s The Plan movie to 2010

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Hey readers!

I come bearing bad news, Syfy has decided to push the airing of Battlestar Galactica’s The Plan to 2010.  The movie was supposed to air this fall but for some reason, they have decided to push it back.  I expect this is likely to help DVD sales.

The BSG The Plan movie is still expected to be released on DVD on October 27th so at least that date hasn’t changed.  I expect that by moving the air date back several months at least, it will help DVD sales.  Considering I had planned on live blogging the airing of the movie, I find this rather annoying.  Since I am sure that all of the BSG fans will have watched The Plan by the time it airs on TV, I am officially announcing that I will not be live blogging th movie like I did with the TV show.  If there is enough interest, I might change my mind but at this point I don’t see that happening.

What do you think about the pushing back of the movie and why do you think they are doing it?