Battlestar Galactica Live Blog for 3/13/09


  • 6:30 PM pcnerd37 – Welcome to my Battlestar Galactica live blog!
  • 6:31 PM pcnerd37 – Tonight is the first hour of the 3 hour series finale. It looks to be a great show.
  • 6:31 PM pcnerd37 – 30 min to show time
  • 6:36 PM pcnerd37 – I haven’t managed to find any real BSG related news, so if anybody has any links, feel free to post them in the comments.
  • 6:37 PM pcnerd37 – The schedule for next week is as follows.
  • 6:37 PM pcnerd37 – Tonight’s episode will re-air before and after the final 2 hour episode next week
  • 6:38 PM pcnerd37 – The first hour (tonights show) will be shown at 8pm EST followed by the final 2 hours of the series finale at 9pm EST
  • 6:38 PM pcnerd37 – Tonights show will then air yet again after the final 2 hours.
  • 6:39 PM pcnerd37 – I will be live blogging the final 2 hours next week as well.
  • 6:42 PM pcnerd37 – I will be starting the live blog at 8:30pm EST next week which is midway through the first hour of the 3 hours since its not really necessary to live blog the same thing twice.
  • 6:44 PM pcnerd37 – 15 minutes to start time!
  • 6:48 PM pcnerd37 – Get something to drink, make some popcorn and make that final trip to the bathroom because we are about 10 minutes away from starting!
  • 6:50 PM pcnerd37 – Shoot a quick Tweet or email or text to your BSG loving friends and family and tell them to join us!
  • 6:51 PM pcnerd37 – I will probably make mention of it at least once more tonight, but for those of you who happen to be in the Denver area around April 17-19, stop by the Starland sci-fi convention as Katee Sackhoff (Kara Thrace) will be there!
  • 6:54 PM pcnerd37 – I will be there as well, so if you happen to be there, find me and we can hang out!
  • 6:54 PM pcnerd37 – 5 minutes!
  • 6:59 PM pcnerd37 – Here we go!
  • 7:00 PM pcnerd37 – Previously
  • 7:00 PM pcnerd37 – pretty much quickly covering much of the last week or so
  • 7:01 PM pcnerd37 – nothing new yet
  • 7:02 PM pcnerd37 – Entrance theme…
  • 7:02 PM pcnerd37 – No commercial
  • 7:03 PM pcnerd37 – We see various images of the galaxy, earth, a bird, water and a city that is apparently Caprica City before the fall.
  • 7:03 PM pcnerd37 – We see Adama talking to somebody
  • 7:04 PM pcnerd37 – Apparently its Adama getting his mission on Galactica
  • 7:04 PM pcnerd37 – We now see Baltar and the six riding in a limo talking while she feels him up.
  • 7:05 PM pcnerd37 – This seems to be when Baltar and Caprica Six are first getting to know eachother.
  • 7:05 PM pcnerd37 – The limo phone is ringing and he answers.
  • 7:05 PM pcnerd37 – Something is clearly wrong
  • 7:05 PM pcnerd37 – Apparently somebody is leaving him and he isnt happy
  • 7:06 PM pcnerd37 – Now we see Roslin and somebody that she was throwing a baby shower for.
  • 7:06 PM pcnerd37 – A drink is being shared with two other women including the pregnant mother to be.
  • 7:06 PM pcnerd37 – Apparently they are her sisters.
  • 7:07 PM pcnerd37 – Younger sisters.
  • 7:07 PM pcnerd37 – We now see Starbuck cooking as somebody comes to the door.
  • 7:07 PM pcnerd37 – She answers and it is Lee.
  • 7:07 PM pcnerd37 – I will say she is looking especially nice tonight.
  • 7:08 PM pcnerd37 – We see Zack, Lees dead brother
  • 7:09 PM pcnerd37 – We now see Baltar. Apparently his dead stabbed some lady, likely a maid.
  • 7:09 PM pcnerd37 – He tries to bribe her to stay but fails.
  • 7:09 PM pcnerd37 – She was a nurse.
  • 7:09 PM pcnerd37 – Apparently this is the third nurse that his dad has chased off.
  • 7:10 PM pcnerd37 – Baltar is tired of his crap and starts hitting him with a newspaper.
  • 7:10 PM pcnerd37 – He tells his dad exactly what he thinks of him.
  • 7:10 PM pcnerd37 – He is now getting irritated at Caprica Six who was supposed to stay in the car. He tells her to leave.
  • 7:11 PM pcnerd37 – Back again with Roslin. She is answering the door. Two cops are there.
  • 7:11 PM pcnerd37 – Its looking like somebody has died.
  • 7:12 PM pcnerd37 – An accident has happened, her sisters and father were killed the previous night in a car accident. They were killed by a drunk driver.
  • 7:12 PM pcnerd37 – She tells them to leave.
  • 7:12 PM pcnerd37 – She now seems to be cleaning up before looking at a picture of all of them.
  • 7:13 PM pcnerd37 – She walks out of the house.
  • 7:13 PM pcnerd37 – She seems to be walking through a park.
  • 7:13 PM pcnerd37 – She is looking into a pool before getting in and walking towards a fountain as everybody around stares at her.
  • 7:14 PM pcnerd37 – Finally back on Galactica, we see her on an I.V.
  • 7:14 PM pcnerd37 – The Doc stops in to check on her as we now see Lee in the hanger.
  • 7:15 PM pcnerd37 – He seems to be in charge tearing Galactica apart and giving the parts to the other ships.
  • 7:15 PM pcnerd37 – A crewman tries to stop them from taking a part and Lee caves and says that it should be the last part taken.
  • 7:16 PM pcnerd37 – Commercial.
  • 7:19 PM pcnerd37 – We should be back any second.
  • 7:19 PM pcnerd37 – We are back!
  • 7:19 PM pcnerd37 – We see Adama boxing up all of his stuff.
  • 7:19 PM pcnerd37 – Kind of a sad moment.
  • 7:20 PM pcnerd37 – He is being relocated to the cylon base ship.
  • 7:20 PM pcnerd37 – We now see Baltar being talked to by one of his women followers.
  • 7:20 PM pcnerd37 – He is being told by his follower and his six that the end times are approaching and humanities final chapter is about to be written.
  • 7:21 PM pcnerd37 – We see Baltar and a woman on his place back on Caprica. Caprica Six is there waiting for him.
  • 7:21 PM pcnerd37 – He wants to know why she is there while he tells his lady friend directions to his bedroom.
  • 7:21 PM pcnerd37 – He threatens to call the cops. She stands up from the chair but says nothing.
  • 7:21 PM pcnerd37 – He starts to call the cops when she says she found his dad a new place to live.
  • 7:22 PM pcnerd37 – She seems to have found a great assisted living facility for him.
  • 7:22 PM pcnerd37 – Supposedly he loves it.
  • 7:23 PM pcnerd37 – He doesnt seem to know what to say. She says he is happy and leaves.
  • 7:23 PM pcnerd37 – We now see Kara rapping a pen while looking at music and some math formulas
  • 7:23 PM pcnerd37 – We see sam in a coma.
  • 7:23 PM pcnerd37 – Apparently she is trying to figure out the secret to the music.
  • 7:24 PM pcnerd37 – Saul is giving orders in the CIC. Adama is going to take the final raptor off of Galactica.
  • 7:24 PM pcnerd37 – The chief and Helo are talking through the jail cell.
  • 7:25 PM pcnerd37 – The chief is talking about the skinjobs and how they aren’t real people and how they can’t be trusted.
  • 7:25 PM pcnerd37 – The phone is hung up
  • 7:25 PM pcnerd37 – we now see what is apparently the cylon colony that John is trying to interrogate Hera who apparently hasnt eaten in days and wants her mother.
  • 7:26 PM pcnerd37 – He says that the future of the cylon race is in her genetic code and that they should start trying to get that secret from her.
  • 7:26 PM pcnerd37 – Commercial.
  • 7:26 PM pcnerd37 – I want to thank everybody for joining tonight and say that you can comment down below. Any questions you have, I will do my best to answer.
  • 7:29 PM pcnerd37 – We are back.
  • 7:29 PM pcnerd37 – Apparently people are taking photos from the memory wall.
  • 7:30 PM pcnerd37 – A crewman is telling Adama that there are still some photos left on the memory wall of people long forgotten.
  • 7:30 PM pcnerd37 – Adama starts looking on the memory wall and sees a picture of Sharon with Hera and then he walks away.
  • 7:31 PM pcnerd37 – He is just standing in a door way before looking back and heading back toward the picture.
  • 7:31 PM pcnerd37 – He pulls it off the wall and looks at it. He seems to have a determined look on his face.
  • 7:31 PM pcnerd37 – Baltar seems to be trying to talk to Lee. Apparently he wants a voice on the quorum as it is best for the fleet.
  • 7:32 PM pcnerd37 – He wants to discuss it and Lee tells him he has 5 minutes to convince him.
  • 7:32 PM pcnerd37 – We now see Adama and Kara hovering above Sam.
  • 7:32 PM pcnerd37 – He sees his work on the musical notes.
  • 7:33 PM pcnerd37 – He asks her about what Baltar said about her back on earth.
  • 7:33 PM pcnerd37 – She says its true.
  • 7:33 PM pcnerd37 – She tells how she disposed of the body and says she doesnt know what she is.
  • 7:33 PM pcnerd37 – Adama wants to know if she knows how to plug Sam in.
  • 7:33 PM pcnerd37 – He says he knows what she is, his daughter and that she shouldnt forget that.
  • 7:34 PM pcnerd37 – She plugs him in.
  • 7:34 PM pcnerd37 – We now see Sam back on earth relaxing in some kind of steel bath tub while giving an interview to a sports reporter.
  • 7:35 PM pcnerd37 – He tells the reporter he doesnt care about winning or championships or anything. He cares about the perfect throw and block. Its about the moments of perfection.
  • 7:35 PM pcnerd37 – Back on Galactica, he seems to be rambling like all hybrids.
  • 7:36 PM pcnerd37 – Adama tells her to ask him a question.
  • 7:36 PM pcnerd37 – Commercial.
  • 7:40 PM pcnerd37 – We are back
  • 7:40 PM pcnerd37 – We now see Baltar talking to Lee.
  • 7:40 PM pcnerd37 – Baltar is willing to do anything he can to make their new life a good one and all he asks is to have representation as he has thousands of followers.
  • 7:41 PM pcnerd37 – He says no because he doesn’t like Baltar.
  • 7:42 PM pcnerd37 – He is asking Baltar what redeeming qualities he has and Baltar says he wouldnt trust him either and then he walks out.
  • 7:42 PM pcnerd37 – We now see Lee back on Caprica completely drunk.
  • 7:42 PM pcnerd37 – He seems to be chasing a pidgeon through his house.
  • 7:43 PM pcnerd37 – He is casing it with a broom and breaking things like lamps in the process.
  • 7:43 PM pcnerd37 – We now see him back on Galactica.
  • 7:43 PM pcnerd37 – Adama and Kara are taping off part of what looks like the hanger or launch tube or something.
  • 7:43 PM pcnerd37 – He asks for everybody’s attention.
  • 7:44 PM pcnerd37 – He is talking about Hera. He is saying that he is going to try to do a rescue mission for Hera. Apparently Sam told him something like where Hera is.
  • 7:44 PM pcnerd37 – Ellen and Torrie are talking about the mission while walking down the hall.
  • 7:45 PM pcnerd37 – Lee is making a call saying that Adama is looking for volunteers.
  • 7:45 PM pcnerd37 – Tigh is giving orders to the CIC about what is going on.
  • 7:46 PM pcnerd37 – Helo and Athena are talking about Hera and what could be done with her by the time they get there.
  • 7:46 PM pcnerd37 – He is optimistic while she isnt so much. He says she is wrong and leaves.
  • 7:46 PM pcnerd37 – Commercial.
  • 7:47 PM pcnerd37 – I can’t say I care for tonight’s episode. It feels like filler.
  • 7:49 PM pcnerd37 – We are back
  • 7:50 PM pcnerd37 – We see Roslin talking to somebody on the phone on Caprica.
  • 7:50 PM pcnerd37 – Apparently she has become a bit of a shut in and is defending her actions to somebody.
  • 7:50 PM pcnerd37 – Apparently somebody is trying to talk her into joining a campaign
  • 7:51 PM pcnerd37 – The calls ends.
  • 7:51 PM pcnerd37 – We now see her on Galactica putting on her wig while sitting up in bed.
  • 7:51 PM pcnerd37 – She is getting up.
  • 7:51 PM pcnerd37 – We now see Adama giving a speach to the Galactica crew and that the mission is entirely voluntary.
  • 7:52 PM pcnerd37 – If there aren’t enough people willing to command Galactica, he will lead a group of raptors into battle.
  • 7:52 PM pcnerd37 – He says the mission is likely a one way trip.
  • 7:52 PM pcnerd37 – He points out the line of tape on the deck. Volunteers to one side, everybody else to the other.
  • 7:53 PM pcnerd37 – He looks out and sees the division.
  • 7:54 PM pcnerd37 – He tells everybody to make their choice. People are now starting to go over to the volunteer side including the Doc, Lee, the cylons and others but Adama turns the doc back saying they cant afford to lose him.
  • 7:54 PM pcnerd37 – Everybody is shuffling around and it seems everybody is on the side they are going to be but Baltar seems uncertain.
  • 7:55 PM pcnerd37 – Roslin appears on the deck and seems to be siding with Adama. She doesnt want him leaving without her.
  • 7:55 PM pcnerd37 – She can barely walk but is standing with Kara.
  • 7:55 PM pcnerd37 – We now see a raptor jump into a asteroid field.
  • 7:56 PM pcnerd37 – Dradus seems to be picking up a singularity, likely a black hole and they are being sucked toward it.
  • 7:56 PM pcnerd37 – Spinning up the FTL drive…
  • 7:56 PM pcnerd37 – They seem to have seen the colony.
  • 7:57 PM pcnerd37 – Lee and Kara are briefing everybody on the place of the colony and the risks of the singularity.
  • 7:57 PM pcnerd37 – There only seems to be one way in and out.
  • 7:57 PM pcnerd37 – Adama seems to give the go ahead.
  • 7:57 PM pcnerd37 – And that is the show.
  • 7:58 PM pcnerd37 – Scenes from next week are coming…
  • 7:58 PM pcnerd37 – Don’t forget the 2 hour finale starts at 9PM EST next week! Be here!
  • 7:59 PM pcnerd37 – still waiting.
  • 8:00 PM pcnerd37 – We see a major battle with Galactica and the cylons in Galactica next week
  • 8:01 PM pcnerd37 – It looks really exciting.
  • 8:01 PM pcnerd37 – Anyway, that is the show for tonight. For details about Starfest, you can check out
  • 8:01 PM pcnerd37 – Also, if you enjoy technology, I recommend Checking out my Global Geek News Podcast at
  • 8:02 PM pcnerd37 – Anyway, that is it for me. A disappointing episode to be sure. Have a great night and see you all next week!
  • 8:02 PM pcnerd37 – Thanks for joining everybody! Have a great weekend!

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20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 18:44:44

    Good thinking. I hope you don’t even talk about the repeat episode next week.

  2. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 18:46:09

    If you need to get something to eat, now would be a good time to do it. The first segment is one of the longest. Seems like more frequent and lengthier commercial interruptions in the second half of the show.

  3. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:03:45

    Looking like a great episode.

  4. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:13:10

    That explains why she was smoking pot last week. She has bad memories of alcohol.

  5. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:13:55

    This is where she sees the 6 cyclon

  6. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:17:19

    Two points: That last exchange foreshadows that the vipers will be launched from BSG once more. “save then for last” — only reason to talk about that is to set up audience for later.

    The first 15 minutes are commercial free. From here on out, especially in last 30 minutes, there will be many commercial breaks.

  7. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:27:24

    I am going to try to buy that blue top Kara Thrace wore tonight on eBay.

  8. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:42:38

    Not much action in last couple of segments.

  9. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:46:16

    Almost commercial time again. This episode is kind of dragging.

  10. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:47:08

    The first 15 minutes is commercial free, then it’s 3 mins commercials, 7 minutes BSG.

  11. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:48:57

    I agree. After the first segment, I thought it was going to be spectacular. With cool flashback stuff to Caprica. Then, like you said, it’s seemed mostly like filler.

  12. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:57:54

    Now THAT was a good segment!

  13. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:59:13

    Great job tonight. Glad you are back to full health.

  14. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 20:00:59

    I’ll be here! No way I’m missing the finale.

  15. Will Fletcher
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 20:03:20

    You too. See ya.

  16. kt
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 23:48:46

    I f****** love you man

  17. pcnerd37
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 03:43:56

    You return! I’m kind of surprised. Its good to have you back, with or without proof of who you really are.

  18. Will Fletcher
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 15:19:57

    Special two-hour grand finale tonight!

    Don’t forget it starts an hour earlier. I believe there is also a special during the hour preceding that, so there is a full night of action.

  19. pcnerd37
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 15:22:57

    There has been a marathon running all day. The hour before I believe is the same episode as last week as well as the hour after. There has been a special running a couple of nights this week that has been quite good. I expect it to probably end up as a DVD extra on the next DVD set.

    Assuming dinner doesnt get into the way, I will be starting 30 min early as usual. I will put up a post in a few minutes talking about what is going on tonight.

  20. Lux Ambassador
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 18:11:28

    Gawd, I wish I could stick around here tonight but I can’t actually watch the ep til tomorrow so I’m trying to avoid too many spoilers. Here’s hoping they manage to explain not just all of the riddles that have been left open-ended up to now but also that whole black hole/singularity without going too far over the top.

    Enjoy, folks!

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