Nazi and Terrorist LEGOs?!

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Hey Readers!

I came across this rather disturbing story on FriendFeed about some unofficial LEGOs made by a company called BrickArms.  What is so disturbing?  The LEGO figures are of terrorists, Nazi soldiers and much more. They also come with weapons.  Here are the pictures.

A not so fun looking Terrorist LEGO

A not so fun looking Terrorist LEGO

A Nazi SS Major LEGO

A German SS Major

A Nazi PanzerGrenadier LEGO

A Nazi PanzerGrenadier LEGO

These are just a few of the many custom LEGOs they make.  They also have tons of weapons that you can outfit your lego people with.  To see their site and all they have to offer, you can head to BrickArms.

According to The Sun, LEGO UK says that they are in no way affiliated with BrickArms as they do not create toys with the same philosophy as LEGO.

Personally, I find turning terrorist and mass murderers into toys a tad disturbing.  I think that LEGO should try to sue them out of existance.  That said, I feel the urge to play with these toys as I enjoy all things WWII.

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